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   About - Founder President
Dr. Hari S. Sharma - Founder President (Emeritus) (IABS) Hari S. Sharma,

Dept. of Pathology, Institute of Cardiovascular Research
Chairman Award Committee / Fellowship
Hari Shankar Sharma obtained High School diploma in 1974 (with Distinction) and further studied Biological Sciences at AMU, Aligarh, India and obtained BSc (Honours in 1978) and MSc in Biochemistry (First Division in 1980). He then joined V.P. Chest Institute, Delhi University and received MPhil in 1982 and PhD in 1984 degrees in Biochemistry. In 2005, Dr. Sharma was awarded DSc in Biochemistry for his single author work on 'Angiogenesis and Tissue Remodeling in the Heart and Lung Diseases'.
Dr. Sharma was selected through UPSC Board to work as a Clinical Biochemist at the Armed Forces Transfusion Centre, Delhi (6 months) before moving to Germany to the prestigious Max-Planck Institute in March, 1985 and served as Max-Planck Fellow (3 years) and group leader (5 years). In early 1993, he moved to the Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands as an Assistant Professor and conducted research and medical teaching. In 2010, he joined VUmc, Amsterdam as a senior faculty. Dr. Sharma holds Visiting Professorship at the Leuven University, Belgium and CSM Medical University, Lucknow, India. His area of research include: ‘Role of growth factors, cytokines and vasoactive agents in the pathogenesis of Heart and Lung diseases’. Dr. Sharma has obtained a number of research grants, published 332 peer reviewed papers/book chapters/abstracts and cloned several genes including porcine VEGF and FGF-1. He has more than 28 years of teaching experience of Molecular & Cell Biology, Pharmacology and Laboratory Techniques to Medical/Master/PhD students. He has supervised 14 MD/MSc and 10 PhD students for their theses. He has organized 25 international conferences/symposia and has delivered 206 invited lectures worldwide. Dr. Sharma has been bestowed with numerous awards/medals including young Investigator Award of the International Society of Hypertension (Australia, 1994), Distinguished Service Award of Heart Care Foundation (India, 1998), Medal of Merit at the World congress of International Society of Heart Research (Canada, 2004), Masters of Indo-European Intervention Council (Netherland, 2010), Excellence in Research & Innovations Award of AMITY University (India, 2012). He serves as editor, editorial board member and referee for many reputed journals and funding agencies. Dr. Sharma is the founder president (emeritus) of the Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences, executive board member of Netherlands India Association, and chair for Science & Technology council of GOPIO and member of several Indian, European and International scientific societies.
Dr. Sharma believes that scientists and the medical practitioner are not rivals, but students and teachers of each other as sharing of multidisciplinary knowledge makes breakthroughs in innovation and development.
Contact Details:
Hari S. Sharma, PhD, DSc, FIEIC
Dept. of Pathology, Institute of Cardiovascular Research
VUmc, University Medical Centre,
Amsterdam The Netherlands.
E-mail: h.sharma@vumc.nl
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